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Artist Bio

Mali Armand  is based in San Juan Capistrano, California. She is  a diversified visual artist working in many mediums, which includes digital graphics, acrylic / oil, and mixed media paintings.  Her ability to express herself with different art forms in not only therapeutic and joyous for her, Her ability to express herself with different art forms is not only therapeutic and joyous for her, but it also helps her to discover her true potential as an artist.  She loves painting thought provoking art, and she likes to share her art form in a visual statement to help convey her message.  Her style is constantly evolving and changing  with new techniques and skills she learns. 

In 2021, she completed a Mastery Course at Milan Arts Institute to enhance her knowledge of Fine Art, to learn new techniques and skills with different styles and mediums, which helped her art to excel at a higher level.  Inevitably, it filters down into her new artwork.

She is also involved with a nonprofit: “Give the Needy Foundation," (, which she formed. It has had a tremendous and positive impact on her life.  It is an independent nonprofit, social service charity, committed to giving support to the underprivileged in developing countries, and in the US.  

A substantial portion of her proceeds from the sale of her paintings are donated to support her cause. She also donates a lot of her paintings to charity auctions. This is her way of giving back and making a difference.


You can purchase an original painting directly from her website or Laguna Art Gallery that represent her work. 

She is also available for taking Commission Artwork

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Little History...

Mali worked as a digital artist developing/designing web and multimedia projects for several years. She has a background as a graphic designer with broad experience, and gained work for design studios, corporations and finally, her own former business "", which was established in 1997. Her graphic design education was in California in 1990 from Platt College, where she learned to work as a graphic designer and then trained as a digital artist.

She gained experience working with various corporate in-house art departments. Also developed websites, created print media along with multimedia projects for the past 20 years. Some were independent projects and some collaborated with a team. She helped design several design user interfaces for internet and intranet projects for various Fortune 500/startup companies for her clients, mainly for an IT company, Xelleration, which is now a Speridian Company.  

It was a rich learning experience for her in the digital world, but it came to an end in 2017, when she closed her graphic design business to pursue her passion and dream of being a professional fine artist.

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