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Copyright / Disclaimer


All the images of Artwork on this website "Mali Armand" are Copyright Protected by Mali Armand. None of these images of Artwork or Designs may be copied, reproduced, repurposed, downloaded, linked to, or edited in any manner or form for use on any clipart collection, website, image gallery, printed product, or other derivative uses without express written permission from the artist herself. 

Please contact Mali Armand for permission to use it anyway shape or form.



This web site and the contents thereof are protected worldwide by copyright and related intellectual property rights. Programs, files, contents or hyperlinks to other web sites are provided as is without any expressed or implied warranty.

Ownership rights for an original painting purchased:

When an artist creates a painting, the artist owns both the copyright in the artwork, and the physical artwork. Ownership of the copyright is an intellectual property right. Ownership of the physical artwork is a personal property right. A sale of the physical artwork does not transfer the copyrights in the artwork.

You can resell the original artwork, but the artist still owns the copyright, unless you have a written license. Therefore, you cannot resell digital images or prints, for example. Investing in art and then making money by reselling it when the value goes up is one way to make money.

With photographs and other types of artwork, the US copyright law goes into effect immediately – with or without a registration mark. Even if an artist sells their artwork, they own the copyright to it. The buyer cannot make prints or sell copies of it without written permission.

The artist has the right to sell limited edition prints of an original artwork that has already sold.

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