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If you like certain paintings and it is not the perfect size for your walls, or if you want them much larger or the originals are not in your budget, I would still love you to own one of my paintings.  Most of my prints are hand embellished, which means the print is painting over areas of an image to enhance the color, which makes it look close to the original painting, with a hand-painted signature on it.

All the Limited Edition prints come on a gallery wrap canvas, that you can either hang directly on the wall or you have the option to frame them. The painting can look super spiffy and finished in any room in your house.  Prices start @ $50 and up, depending on size of the canvas. You have the option to choose any of my paintings from my website, including the ones that are not for sale.

Please click the arrow on the picture below to view all the samples, which could be on your wall  >>

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